London Fashion Week : Awesome Beauty Trends

London Fashion Week : Awesome Beauty Trends

Have you ever walked past a mannequin in a store and thought, Well, that’s the vibe everyone’s loving at London Fashion Week, and we’re spilling the tea on how you can rock the “Mannequin Skin” trend too!

London Fashion Week : Erdem’s Shiny Complexions

London Fashion Week, Erdem’s AW24 show brought us models with super shiny and beautiful skin. Guess what? The skincare experts from 111SKIN made it happen! They did some cool stuff like multi-masking facials and a massage that made the models glow like glass. Take notes, because having great skin is always in style! COIN303

London Fashion Week : Awesome Beauty Trends

London Fashion Week : 16Arlington’s Less-Is-More Magic

Over at 16Arlington, they went for a “skin-first approach” to let the fashion designs shine. Glossy complexions took the spotlight, proving that sometimes simple is best. The message here? Less makeup, more natural beauty. If you want that doll-like skin, go for it! KOIN303

Sleek and Shiny Hair: Slick Talk Styles

Another trend that stole the spotlight at London Fashion Week is the “Slick Talk” – hairstyles that are super sleek and shiny. Let’s break down how you can get those glossy, runway-ready locks!

Tolu Coker’s Shiny Waves

At Tolu Coker’s show, models rocked glossy lids and wet-look waves that were seriously cool. Good news – you don’t have to be a hair pro to pull it off! Just grab some multipurpose gloss, swipe it on your bare skin, add some bronzy eyeshadow, and voila – you’re shining! And if you’re not ready for a pixie cut, no problem! Tolu’s team turned wigs into awesome retro waves. They waved the wigs, let them air dry with gel, and then soaked them in shine spray for that modern, natural look. It’s like having laminated locks with a dash of old-school vibes! KOIN303

Conclusion: Be Your Own Beauty Boss!

Whether you want to glow like a mannequin or rock sleek, glossy waves, London Fashion Week is the place to find your beauty inspo. The best part? You don’t need a magic wand – just some cool beauty tricks and a sprinkle of confidence. So, why not try out these awesome looks and become your own beauty guru? Have fun with the sparkle, the shine, and the glam because in the beauty world, every trend is a chance to show off your awesome style!